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Introducing Valor Trading: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Industrial Supplies and Services in Saudi Arabia

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Empowering Industries with Specialized Solutions

Industrial Services

Valor offers a diverse suite of specialized services to support industries in their operational, maintenance, and efficiency enhancement endeavors. From lubrication consultancy to technical training, our solutions aim to boost productivity, ensure safety, and maintain equipment reliability across various sectors.

Marine Services

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Valor offers a comprehensive suite of specialized services designed to support industries in their operations, maintenance, and efficiency improvement endeavors. Our services are essential for boosting productivity, ensuring safety, and upholding the reliability of industrial processes and equipment.

We provide a diverse range of industrial services catering to various sectors, including manufacturing, marine, energy, petrochemical, construction, and more.

What We Do

Lubrication & Oil Mist Consultancy

Expert consultancy services for effective lubrication management and oil mist control.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Professional maintenance and repair solutions to ensure the optimal functioning of industrial equipment.

Engineering and Technical Support

Comprehensive engineering and technical assistance to address complex industrial challenges.

Environmental and Safety Services

Solutions for environmental compliance and workplace safety to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory adherence.

Risk Management

Proactive risk assessment and management strategies to minimize operational disruptions and enhance resilience.

Energy Services

Innovative energy solutions to optimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Reliable cleaning and maintenance services to uphold cleanliness standards and equipment longevity.

Testing & Inspections

Thorough testing and inspection services to assess equipment integrity and compliance with standards.

Technical Trainings

Specialized technical training programs to enhance workforce skills and knowledge.

Waste Management

Efficient waste management solutions to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.