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Introducing Valor Trading: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Industrial Supplies and Services in Saudi Arabia

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Your Trusted Partner for Maritime Safety Excellence

Maritime Safety Services

At Valor, we prioritize maritime safety with a comprehensive range of services. From life-raft maintenance to fire fighting equipment servicing, we ensure vessels are equipped to handle emergencies effectively and comply with safety regulations.

Marine Services

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Valor offers a suite of maritime safety services to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of life-saving equipment onboard vessels. Our services include:

Life-Raft Maintenance Servicing and Supplies

Comprehensive maintenance and supply solutions for life rafts to ensure their readiness in emergencies.

Breathing Apparatus Servicing and Supplies

Servicing and supply of breathing apparatus to safeguard crew members in hazardous conditions.

Lifeboat and Rescue Boat Maintenance

Maintenance services for lifeboats and rescue boats to ensure their operational readiness.

Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment Servicing

Servicing of fire fighting and safety equipment to maintain their effectiveness in emergencies.

CO2 System Servicing

Comprehensive servicing of CO2 systems to ensure their reliability in fire suppression.

Load Testing of Lifeboat and Rescue Boats

Rigorous load testing to ensure the structural integrity of lifeboats and rescue boats.

Davit Systems Inspection and Repair

Inspection and repair services for davit systems to ensure the safe deployment of life-saving equipment.

LSA (Life-Saving Appliances) Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and maintenance services for life-saving appliances to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Material Gate Passes and Hot Work Permits

Valor manages material gate passes and hot work permits, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and regulatory requirements.