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Introducing Valor Trading: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Industrial Supplies and Services in Saudi Arabia

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Your Premier Partner for Ship Provisions and Supplies

Ship Chandling

Valor offers comprehensive ship chandling services, ensuring vessels are fully equipped and provisioned for their voyages. With reliable deliveries, stringent quality control, and a wide range of chandling solutions, we're the trusted choice for maritime needs.

Marine Services

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Valor serves as your ultimate destination for ship provisions, equipment, and supplies, ensuring vessels are fully equipped and prepared for their journeys. Our commitment to reliability, quality control, and comprehensive chandling solutions sets us apart as the preferred partner in the maritime industry.

At Valor, we specialize in supplying vessels with top-quality marine provisions, equipment, and supplies tailored to meet the diverse needs of onboard crews. Our services include:

Provision Supplies

Fresh, chilled, and non-perishable provisions to sustain crews throughout their journeys.

Machinery Essentials

Essential equipment and supplies to ensure the smooth operation of onboard machinery.

Nautical Equipment

Navigation instruments and tools essential for safe and efficient maritime operations.

Accommodation Supplies

Supplies to maintain crew comfort and hygiene onboard.

Maritime Safety Gears

Safety equipment and materials to ensure compliance with maritime safety standards.

Navigation Charts

Essential navigational aids to facilitate safe and efficient passage.

Lifeboat Maintenance

Regular maintenance and safety checks to ensure the readiness of life-saving equipment.

Gas Cylinder Replenishment

Replenishment and recharge services for gas cylinders onboard.

Cargo Space Maintenance

Maintenance and securement services to optimize cargo storage and safety.

Deck Stores

Equipment and supplies for deck operations, ensuring efficient vessel handling.

Cabin Stores

Amenities and supplies for crew and passenger comfort during voyages.